I am often asked for recommendations and where to find certain products that I use in all different categories. Here you’ll find some of my favorite brands for clean living, with direct links and discount codes.  Please note: many of these links are affiliate links, so if you purchase any of the items through the links on this page, I may make a small commission. I only share products that I personally use, support, and love. Happy Shopping!

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Suntegrity offers an incredible lineup of broad-spectrum SPF protection. Using non-nano zinc oxide and antioxidants, their products offer non-toxic sun protection that’s good for your skin. My personal favorites are the Impeccable Skin Sunscreen that I use for my face, the Natural Mineral Body Sunscreen, and I don’t like to forget my lips – so I love the Sunscreen Lip Gloss!


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The Queen of the Thrones is the ultimate castor oil pack kit. There are several different package options available, the original castor oil liver pack being my favorite. This kit includes everything you need from top of the line organic castor oil to the pack itself — which is perfectly designed to wrap around and stay in place. This heatless kit is everything you need for:

  1. Deep sleep and relaxation.
  2. Improved digestion, absorption and bowel movements.
  3. Enhanced antioxidant levels and elimination of toxins.
  4. Reduced inflammation, alkalinization, and optimization of the immune system.
  5. Balanced microbiome by the breakdown of biofilm.

This is a favorite in my house for cuts and scrapes, although it has many uses! BLDG Active has antimicrobial properties and has HOCI, the same molecule produced by our bodies to heal. ACTIVE is a clinically proven solution with no harsh chemicals. Use code CLEANLIVING for 10% off and free shipping!

Therasage offers a list of products to assist in detoxing and healing. Just a few products they offer are heating pads, essential oil diffusers, EMF protection. I love the Thera360 professional portable InfraRed Sauna, it’s energy-efficient, easily folds, and stores in a closet or under a bed.  The Therasage Thera360 Full Spectrum Sauna is the only portable sauna that offers full-spectrum infrared, negative ions, earthing, and no EMF’s at an affordable price for everyone in the world to embrace optimal health! Use code CLEANLIVING for 10% off.

My favorite clean toothpaste, BOKA. The ela mint toothpaste is restorative as it uses nano-hydroxyapatite, one of the main minerals that make up the primary foundation of teeth and bones. Plus, it’s 100% non-toxic and fluoride-free.


100% Pure is an all-natural, cruelty-free, environment-conscious beauty brand. I love their Coffee Bean Eye Cream, Bright Eyes Mask (great for puffy under eyes), Blood Orange Cleansing Balm (the BEST to remove makeup!), and Acai Pulp Facial Scrub (think apricot scrub except clean ingredients that are good for your skin),

Thrive Market is my new favorite online store—it sells all the top organic and healthy products (25-50% off), and ships straight to your door!

Thrive Market has a whole variety of pantry staples I love and you can easily search by diet type (Paleo, Vegan, Keto, gluten-free, etc.)! They offer meat & seafood, clean wine, personal care products, cleaning products, and a pet section too.

Pique Tea is a favorite of mine and they have an array of amazing products. They offer teas that are 100% organic and toxin screened for pesticides, heavy metals, toxic mold, and even radioactive elements. Plus, they have amazing elderberry and liposomal vitamin c packs that are perfect to take on the go. Check them out in the link below and use code CLEANLIVING for 5% off.

Paleovalley has been a favorite with my family for years. A few must-haves I always have on hand is the Essential C Complex – made from organic superfoods and no synthetic vitamin c, Organic Supergreens – we love to add in smoothies (even the kids love it) and it’s full of organic high-quality antioxidant superfoods. We keep the 100% Grass-fed Beef Sticks on hand for a quick snack on the go or when heading out for a hike. Check out all of their amazing products in the link below- don’t forget to use code PVFRIEND15 at checkout for 15% off.

Micro Balance Health offers products for home, clothes, and sinus support to remove mold spores. Their laundry additive is a favorite of mine that works to remove mold spores, bacteria, and musty smells from clothes, towels and your washing machine.

Bigwood Organics is a favorite of mine as they offer the highest quality, organic, most nutrient dense and effective ingredients out there to deliver a simple, pure & noncomedogenic (that means non pore clogging ingredients)products to you! The products are so great that it would be hard to pick favorites. I love the Dreamcream, the Coffee Bean Eye Cream, the Ovum Balm, Breast Flow Lymph Balm, and they also offer an incredible non-toxic sunscreen option. Use code CLEANLIVING for 15% off site wide.

Force of Nature

Besides being a super versatile multi-surface cleaner, Force of Nature is an EPA registered sanitizer and disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs with zero toxic chemicals. It’s actually the only EPA registered disinfectant you can make on your kitchen countertop. With reusable bottles, it’s Green Seal certified too. Use code BUDNLESAVE30 to save 30% off and free shipping!

Just Thrive has a variety of supplements, you can purchase individually or together in kits. I love the spore-based probiotic as it has 1000x better survivability than other products. They have a whole assortment of incredible products, even probiotics for pets too!

Kion Coffee is one of my all-time favorites for several reasons. The first being I love coffee and knowing I like to enjoy a cup or two a day, it’s important to me that for myself, my clients, and YOU to be sure that the coffee we are consuming is of the best quality. Kion is in the top 3% of all coffee grown worldwide considered to be specialty grade and USDA organic certified, tested by an accredited global organization to be free of yeast, pesticides, mold, and mycotoxins.

Moonlit Pines Apothecary is located in beautiful Poland, Maine. All products are thoughtfully and lovingly handcrafted by herbalist Marissa Casavina using plants grown in her gardens or responsibly wildcrafted in Maine.  Marissa creates products with her customers, the plants and the planet in heart and mind.